body empowering boudoir
that celebrates the skin you're in today, AND tomorrow.

 + we love you for your race, gender, body weight and orientation.
+ here, you're seen and heard. your past does not define you. 
+ you are more than worthy of celebrating YOUR body.

and last but not least:

we believe :

do this for yourself, and nobody else.

sarah b & v

to us, boudoir is more than just photos. boudoir is an opportunity to honor your body as it stands on this earth today. we've been gifted our skin. our hair. our soul. and boudoir is the time and place to hold that up high and bring back the power and respect to us. 

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 "i still have a ways to go on the road of body acceptance for sure. but this was just a HUGE leap in the right direction. though I have a hard time seeing Emily in my own mirror at home, she was there in front of that lens. Just thank you so so so much."

"though I have a hard time seeing Emily in my own mirror at home, she was there in front of that lens."

real reviews


"I already knew going into the shoot I made the right decision by choosing Sarah, but was truly blown away by the photos Sarah delivered! As someone who doesn’t have a lot of curves, she made me feel so comfortable in my own skin during the shoot."

"Do yourself a favor and hire Sarah to capture your bod in all its bomb glory!"


 "Your energy and your power to glow as well as Veronica’s just made me realise how privileged I am to have met you two. The photoshoot itself was amazing, the true power was being naked, as this makes us solely connected to the earth and the beach we were on."

"It’s amazing how the body to me is portrayed as art and a precious piece of nature."

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