sneak peak images will be sent to you within 24 hours, and the full gallery within 2 weeks.

I Edit+deliver your final images


do a little dance, because the day has finally arrived. be sure to reference the prep guide sent over after your details call!

your session day is here! get pumped!


this call is for picking your location, discussing what to wear, hair and makeup. details details details!

have your styling call with veronica and me


you'll sign your contract and pay the retainer of 50% down. the final 50% is due 3 days before your session.

sign and pay to make it official & pick a date


this is vital step in helping curate the absolute best experience and package for you. help me help you.

fill out the  q-air that i'll send to you.


fill out the simple form on our contact page to begin the entire process of inquiring.

contact for availability and information.


first, let's chat the easy 6 STEP PROCESS

there are options. there are choices. we want to be sure that we're accommodating to all of your wants/needs whether this is for your wedding or yourself.

$800 - $1500

boudoir & wedding boudoir

package two

package three

package one




*most booked package*

how's this more than package one?
you receive:
+ an extra 30 minutes of shooting
+ an extra outfit
+ and an album

how's this more than package two?
you receive:
+ an extra 30 minutes of shooting
+ a larger photo album
+ 2 locations

ready to commit!?

take my money!

*payment plans available*

sign me up!

bodies are precious. and bringing a new life into this world is a powerful thing your body undergoes. this moment in time deserves to be documented and remembered. YOU ARE POWERFUL.

lifestyle maternity boudoir

includes ::




+ one OUTFIT

+ 30 minute SESSION





breastfeeding/postpartum sessions

These delicate sessions are to cherish those few months or years that you have with your little one while they are being fed from your wonderful postpartum body. 

i'm ready to sign up!

ABSOLUTELY! The privacy of your photos is 100% decided by you and you only. Yes, i know that you see images on my Instagram and website, but that is because i have been given permission by those clients to share publicly. If privacy is priority, definitely tell me. 


This is a big one. I will literally lay on the floor or bed with you. I'll visually show you every pose and how to move fluidly through each one. Most clients get the hang of it about half way in and will begin to just own the poses and move freely with my direction. *it's when that self confidence really kicks in*


As stated above in the step by step process, i will provide you with a what to wear guide, as well as a full prep guide to prepare the day before. I'll give you suggestions on fully inclusive places to shop and browse. This is a really important part of the process, and i know how important it is to find things you're comfortable in since it's what you're wearing for the whole session. I gotchu.  


Veronica and i will HAPPILY come to you. We love to travel. We will travel free of charge up to 1 hour from Harrisburg, PA. Anything past that will be charged at what the current rate per mile is at the time. 


Yes yes yes! You are investing in yourself, and the last thing we want is for you to have to back out because of money. Payment plans are offered to anyone and everyone. Just let me know that up front and i'll happily come up with a plan that works best! 


If you put money down and have signed the contract but now decided that you're not ready to commit and want to back out: communicate with me and we'll talk through it. I'm here to listen to all of your concerns or worries. This is a place of open arms and understanding, not turning away and cancelling contracts. If we chat, and we both feel like you need to wait, no worries! We'll reschedule at no cost.


A thousand times YES! Veronica is our hair and makeup professional who will bring your beauty visions to life! Hair and makeup is included in every single session.


Yes. If a scheduling conflict arises, let me know as soon as you know and we can reschedule free of cost. You can reschedule one time without there being a fee. Anything more will be a 10% fee of the total cost. If you have to cancel all together, your retainer fee will not be returned. 


outdoor boudoir

indoor boudoir

this varies based on preference.


1. a private part of a state park 
2. if you want something industrial, i'll find us a private abandoned industrial area *as a photographer, i have my connections* 
3. by a body of water whether it's a creek, lake, waterfall etc. 
4. an open field or a wooded forest  *like above*


we just moved in in august of 2021, so it's a work in progress. but ask us to see full galleries from the studio so you can see what it looks like!

our indoor private 900 square foot boudoir studio is the place we use for all indoor sessions.

this comes free of charge with zero extra fee!

outdoor sessions can also happen in a variety of locations, but depends on the privacy aspect.

important: no matter your preference, i'll pick the location for you and with you.

your options of outdoor spaces include:

to see photos from each kind of location, click here!

*if you choose outdoor, i can guarantee you that privacy will be a priority for you*

the difference?

there is zero difference in the experience for you or posing, the only difference lies within your preference and comfort level. 

indoor sessions offer softer indoor light, which generally encourages more of a softer/gentler feeling photos. and with being indoors, there is a natural feeling of privacy.

outdoor sessions offer a variety in many visual landscapes, but also light. this generally encourages a more bolder look to the images. and with being outdoors, there is a natural feeling of adrenaline *which all of my clients who have had their session outside, love!*